Hotel «Grand Caucasus» is posed as art-hotel. Exhibitions of famous and little-known artists of republic are held on a constant basis in the Hotel «Grand Caucasus». The main goal of these exhibitions is popularization of Kabardino-Balkaria’s culture in Russia and abroad. Our guests may visit art exhibit and to buy favorite pictures without leaving the Hotel.


1986.  What is the remarkable feature of this year?

Many young talented people, living in Nalchik, have influence on art life development and future formation of city and republic culture in whole. They work absorbedly, taking part in many exhibitions and art projects. They try to improve their skills constantly and share their knowledge with students. Each of them is enthusiast of his craft that is very important nowadays.

We present to the audience a great exhibition “1986” in anniversary for these young people. Art works of Ruslan Mazloev, Diana Kozheva, Sophy Pak, Kantemir Zhilov and Zalym Getigezhev were included in this exposition.




You can see  the  works of the artists here.



The exhibition “Mikhail and Ludmyla” was opened in 2015, 18 November, where you may see art works of Mikhail Ievlev and Ludmyla Beytuganova.



You can see  the  works of the artists  here.




On 22nd of May, 2015 , The exhibition of illustrations and unique event , " GOOD HANDS FOR A favorite book were held.

A requirement for participation in this project was to come to the opening of the exhibition with a book .

Each of the guests put bookmark in the books they brought with them , where they wrote why they recommended to read this work and also wishes to whom they gave the book. And then the guests exchanged books ! The guests exchanged impressions about the pictures, got acquainted and communicated .



The opening of the exhibition - sale of works of the national artist, member of Union of artists of the KBR , Ruslan Shameev took place in the hotel in June.  The main purpose of this art exhibition and all the following  ones is the promotion of culture of Kabardino-Balkaria abroad. Indeed, among the guests of the hotel  there is a lot of Europeans who are interested in art and even collecting the pictures. 


Work of Ruslan Shameev are particularly palette of colours, emit light, objects and figures for all their materiality seem to be illusory, tossed on the wave of the mystery of mysteries, the spirits of nature. The peculiarity of this talented master of brush consists in the fact that he purifies his paintings from  routine  and fine detail, have maximum emotional and spiritual stress all the components of the newly created world.


You can see  the  works of the artist below here.













"The wood master"


Girl with Pears




From November 15th  2013  The exhibition-sale of the member of the Russian Union of artists Asiyat Аbaeva was being held in our hotel. She is a participant in numerous national, zonal, regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions. The organizer of charitable creative actions. The works are in private collections in Russia, America, Canada, Mexico, Italy, France, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Turkey, Jordan.


The rest of the artist's work you can find here